Viscolas® Heel Pads & Heel Spur Cushions


Viscolas is the only viscoelastic polymer expressly formulated for orthopedic applications. Reproducing the shock attenuating properties of the fatty pads on the bottom of the foot, Viscolas® effectively dissipates the skeletal shock and reverberations that occur with each step, and equalizes underfoot pressures. Use of Viscolas has proven to speed post-operative recovery of the foot, leg, and lower-back; reduces symptoms of heel strike injuries such as tendinitis and shin splints; and provides effective soft tissue cushioning under the foot. In trial after trial, Viscolas® has been proven to provide significantly better shock absorbing efficiency than any other viscoelastic polymer. Insoles made of Viscolas are the ones most suggested by orthopedic surgeons, therapists, and other health professionals… and they are the insoles most chosen for personal use by the staffs of orthopedic facilities.

  • Viscolas Heel Pads are low profile pads that are ideal for most shoe types
  • Viscolas Heel Pads are extremely easy and comfortable to wear
  • Viscolas Heel Pads have a natural tacky surface to keep heel pad in place, covered with super-soft, ultra-absorbent, abrasion-resistant
  • The Heel Spur Cushions have a removable plug to create a cavity beneath the area of greatest discomfort
  • The Heel Spur Cushions also provide extra cushioning on the medial side of the plantar fascia for additional relief
  • The Heel Spur Cushions are covered with super-soft, ultra-absorbent, abrasion-resistant suede fabric to keep the foot dry and comfortable
  • Heel pads and heel cushions are non-returnable due to hygiene concerns

Model: F21/F22
Color: Gray
HCPCS: L3480

Available in the following sizes:

F21,F22 Viscolas® Heel Pads & Heel Spur Cushions sizing

(Size according to US shoe size)

Model F21 is Heel Pads

Model F22 is Heel Spur Cushions.

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