Insurance Coverage

We accept Medicare & Medicaid for medical supplies and equipment. You may also find that in many instances, your purchase of medical supplies and personal aid products from Jessa can be paid for in whole or in part by your insurance coverage plan. As you know, medical insurance is a complicated topic. You may find yourself unsure about which types of supplies and equipment your plan covers. If this occurs, we strongly encourage you not to give up, and to continue to strive to get the answers you need. Nothing is more important than the health of you and your loved ones, and if you are paying for health insurance, you have the right to receive the benefits of your plan.

If you need assistance in understanding your medical insurance coverage plan, you have several options. We recommend that you call your health insurance provider, visit their website, and read carefully the enumerated benefits of your plan. If you have tried all of these methods of gaining information and still cannot obtain answers, talk to us here at Jessa. We have many years of experience in mediating between customers and insurance companies. We want our products to be affordable for you, and we will do what we can to assist you, if possible.

We are also available to assist you in learning how to obtain insurance coverage, and in learning more about medical supplies payment options.