Two-Panel Surgical Female Rib Belt


The FLA Rib Belt helps stabilize rib and sternum fractures by limiting expansion through compression. The Rib Belt provides comfort and encourages more controlled breathing to help reduce pain.

Rib Belts also provide support and compression to the muscles and soft tissues of the rib cage weakened by strain,. trauma, overuse, inactivity, or surgery.

  • Paneled Hinged Stitch:
    This innovative design has a simulated hinged stitch that creates separate
    panels for a more conforming, tapered fit with flexibility. Old style panel
    abdominal binders were connected with an open, crochet-like stitch that easily
    pinched the skin and left an opening for swelling pool. FLA’s unique hinged stitch
    eliminates these problems
  • Latex Free and Plush Lining:
    Comfortable and non-irritating for patients and caregivers with latex rubber sensitivities
  • True Woven Elastic
    Woven, as opposed to knit elastic, is the premium construction in elastic materials
  • Woven elastic gives firm and consistent compression power and can be cut
    without unraveling to accommodate drainage tubes
  • Hook Compatible Exterior
    Allows for a wider range of adjustability and easy application

Model: 34-4200
Color: White
HCPCS: A4466

Available in the following sizes:

  • Universal 24 – 48″

(Measure around chest at base of sternum)


flarib2                               34-4100sizing


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