SEAL-TIGHT Original Cast Protectors


  • Patented application ring eliminates need for strapping or hook and loop closure
  • Non-latex diaphragm stretches easily over cast to form watertight seal
  • Durable polyvinyl protector prevents water penetration


BM20100 Adult, Hand, 11″
BM20101 Adult, Short Arm, 22″
BM20102 Adult, Long Arm, 39″
BM20103 Adult, Short Leg, 23″
BM20104 Adult, Long Leg, 42″
BM20105 Adult, Foot/Ankle, 11″
BM20106 Adult, Wide/Short Leg, 23″
BM20107 Adult, Wide/Short Arm, 22″
BM20200 Pediatric, Small Arm, 11″
BM20201 Pediatric, Medium Arm, 18″
BM20202 Pediatric, Large Arm, 28″
BM20203 Pediatric, Small Leg, 11″
BM20204 Pediatric, Medium Leg, 18″
BM20205 Pediatric, Large Leg, 31″

*measure from tip of heel/finger to top of cast & add 1”

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