EasyAir™ Pneumatic & Gel Stirrup Ankle Braces


FLA ProLite Easy-Air Pneumatic Stirrup Ankle Brace provides stability to your ankle. Anatomically shaped with low-profile shells, the Easy-Air Pneumatic Stirrup Ankle Brace can be worn with most shoes. The pre-filled air pads can be individually adjusted for a customized fit as well. Free airflow within the air cells provides a massaging effect around the joint to help reduce swelling.

  • Sleek, low profile
  • Adjustable heel piece
  • Rigid plastic shells – Anatomical design reduces pressure
  • Riveted straps ensure correct application
  • Prefilled air cells are adjustable to accommodate swelling

Models: 75885
Color: Black
HCPCS: L4350

Available in the following sizes:
75885 ProLite EasyAir Pneumatic & Pneumatic-Gel Stirrup Ankle Braces sizing
(Specify Right or Left)
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