Premium Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Pack with Securement Straps


Alleviate strains and pain with our exceptional and incredibly versatile hot-cold pack. It’s renowned as one of the best options, offering soothing therapy whenever you need it. Heat it in the microwave for incredible heat therapy, or freeze it for the benefits of cold therapy. This pack provides the freedom to use it in various ways, adapting to your preferences. It’s crafted with soft-touch vinyl on one side and fabric mesh material on the other side, making it compatible with premium securement straps. Use the included straps to fasten it on your arms, legs, or back. Experience the ultimate customizable pain relief with our top-notch hot-cold pack.

Pack Sizes

Small: 5″ x 10″
Medium: 7.5″ x 11″
Large: 11″ x 14″

Strap Sizes

25″ x 2.4″ for small and medium
25″ x 2.5″ for large
6″ x 2.4″ extension strap




Hot and cold, the best of two worlds.

Whether you need to relieve inflammation or warm up your muscles, you can either freeze your packs or warm them up in the microwave. Even when these packs are frozen they stay flexible so you can use it anywhere on your body. With a soft material that’s long lasting and included Velcro straps for all three available sizes, you can get the best relief that suits you.

Hook and Loop Strap

Secure your packs in place with our Velcro straps. Whether youre using a small pack or large pack, you can wrap it around any body part and sit back and enjoy your relief.

Targeted Pain Relief

Get the best relief possible by putting the pack directly on your pain point. Whether you need heated therapy to increase blood flow for better movement or tension relief, or you need cold therapy to reduce swelling, you can get exactly what you need.


Your body is full of contours, so you need something that can mold around your body to get effective relief. We made our packs with flexible material so you can wrap around your arm, legs, neck, or back.

Durable, soft, and long lasting.

We designed our packs to have a soft and comfortable material. There is nothing more uncomfortable then either burning your skin or the freezing pack when it’s placed on your body, so we made a material that makes it a more comfortable experience.

Turn up the heat.

Applying heat from a heat pack causes increased blood flow to the injury area of pain. Hot packs for pain aid in the healing process by increasing oxygen to the body tissue and aid in the ability to stretch out pained muscles.

Keeping your cool.

It is recommended to use ice packs for injuries such as bruising, muscle spasms and swelling from acute sprains / strains. A cold gel ice pack can be applied a few times a day for several days after an injury or until it feels better.

What’s included

  • Selected Size of Hot and cold pack
  • Velcro Strap