JOBST® SensiFoot


Mild, non-constricting gradient pressure prevents sliding, bunching, or wrinkles. This support sock stays in place. Dense padding in the foot, heel, and toe reduces friction and provides cushioning for extra comfort. Non-irritating, smooth, flat toe seams reduce irritation and pressure on sensitive toes and skin, preventing skin abrasions. Antimicrobial finish helps prevent growth of bacteria and fungi on the sock, helping to eliminate unpleasant foot odors. Moisture wicking acrylic fibers help keep feet cool and dry throughout the day. Machine wash support socks in a mesh laundry bag or hand wash with warm water using a mild soap or detergent designed for compression stockings. Machine dry on low heat. Latex free, 80% acrylic, 17% nylon, 3% lycra.

JOBST® SensiFoot sizing

Styles: Mini-Crew, Crew, Knee High
Colors: White
Sizes: XS – XL

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