DryPro™ Cast and Bandage Protectors


  • Completely watertight keeping your casts and bandage dry
  • Offers the only leg and arm cast protection in the world with the patented vacuum seal to keep you dry
  • So completely and totally waterproof, between the waterproof material and the vacuum seal, that you can even dive off a diving board or ride the ocean waves and still have your cast or bandage stay completely dry
  • Fits snug yet comfortable offering protection during a shower, a bath, and even an active swim
  • Also may used for immediate postoperative physical therapy, allowing hydrotherapy right after surgery, which helps prevent swelling and stiffness and aids in a speedy recovery
  • Used at all levels of physical therapy, including head NFL trainers, Major league teams all over the country and at the collegiate level as well
  • Waterproof fabric is rugged, made of durable high quality surgical latex
  • The special Non-Skid Grid™ protects the sole and helps prevent slipping
  • The Pump not only creates the vacuum seal but also works as a gauge showing that the vacuum is intact and cannot leak


Arm Covers

DPFA-12 X-Small, Full Arm, 16″, 1 ea.
DPFA-14 Small, Full Arm, 23″, 1 ea.
DPFA-16 Medium, Full Arm, 28″, 1 ea.
DPFA-18 Large, Full Arm, 311⁄2″, 1 ea.
DPHA-13 Small, Half Arm, 171⁄2″, 1 ea.
DPHA-15 Large, Half Arm, 20″, 1 ea.

*measure from tip of finger to top of cast & add 1″

Leg Covers

DPFL-12 X-Small, Full Leg, 19″, 1 ea.
DPFL-14 Small, Full Leg, 29″, 1 ea.
DPFL-16 Medium, Full Leg, 33″, 1 ea.
DPFL-18 Large, Full Leg, 37″, 1 ea.
DPHL-13 Small, Half Leg, 21″, 1 ea.
DPHL-15 Large, Half Leg, 231⁄2″, 1 ea.

*measure from tip of heel to top of cast & add 1″

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