Day-Light Sky


Day-Lights™ are bright light systems designed to help people who suffer from seasonal depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder/SAD) or the winter blues. Day-Lights emit 10,000 lux of light intensity – the dosage recommended by light therapy experts

  • Designed to provide optimal bright light therapy treatment and for the user
  • The two-light setting provides 10,000 LUX, while the one-light setting provides convenient task lighting
  • Engineered and tested to provide the field of illumination and 10,000 LUX experts recommend for maximum therapeutic benefit
  • Designed for discreet use in the home or the office, providing bright light therapy and everyday task lighting in one attractive package
  • The white diffusing lens eliminates glare and evenly distributes the light while two 55-watt light tubes emit a warm light and minimize potentially harmful blue rays
  • Hi-impact polycarbonate lens filters 99.3% of harmful UV rays
  • The height adjustable arm allows the light to be positioned at the appropriate height and angle for user
  • Manufactured with high efficiency, electronic ballasts, the Day-Light Sky eliminates the annoying flicker experienced with ordinary fluorescent fixtures


UPDL2000US 1 ea.