PowerCentric™ Composite Polycentric Knee Brace


Neoprene sleeve provides compression and warmth to increase circulation. Durable, composite hinges prevent hyperextension and have a dual-axis to glide smoothly with knee movement. Sides of the knee are padded and protected against impact during activity. Stabilizes the patella. Open patella design. Four adjustable support straps for additional compression. Low-profile, slip-on style for easy application. Color: Black. Fits Right or Left Knee.

  • Opening in Back of Brace Prevents Bunching Behind the Knee
  • Sports Neoprene for Therapeutic Warmth and Compression
  • Lightweight, Durable Dual-Axis Hinges Allow for Full Range of Motion and Prevent Hyperextension
  • Pull On Sleeve Style with Adjustable Straps
  • Stabilizes the Kneecap with a Double Layer of Neoprene Around the Patella

Model: 37-109
Color: Black
HCPCS: L1820

Available in the following sizes:

37-109 PowerCentric Composite Polycentric Knee Brace sizing
(Measure around leg 4″ above center of kneecap for thigh and 4″ below center of kneecap for calf)

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